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smartEDGE is a set of workshops that teach students the "Soft Skills" they need to succeed. Our workshops teach leadership, communication, and more!

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Below you will find some of our most popular workshops.

Emerging Leaders

Through engaging activities and self-reflection, this workshop asks youth to explore their values and beliefs in order to align them with behaviors that lead to making responsible decisions.

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Sharpen Your Edge

Research and experience prove that our ability to communicate, relate, and work together is our greatest asset. As many as 52% of companies across the country are concerned about recent graduates’ lack of personal skills.

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Time & Stress Management

Anxiety and stress are on the rise globally. According to National Institute of Mental Health, one-third of adolescent youth report feeling anxiety to a significant degree.

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Your Voice, Your Future

Let’s empower youth to experience success and believe in a prosperous future. This student-centered workshop incorporates elements of asset-based thinking, goal setting, and playful learning to guide youth in identifying their personal power.

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Mastering Conflict

The Mastering Conflict workshop is designed to help participants develop the skills and strategies needed to effectively manage conflicts and turn them into positive experiences.

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The Power of Personal Strengths

Students will identify personal strengths to leverage for their advantage. They will also collaborate to empower diverse strengths in group settings.

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What We Do

Clemson University smartEDGE empowers youth to discover what is unique about themselves, maximize their potential, and immediately apply what they have learned.  We achieve this through the following:

  • Facilitate virtual and in-person interactive workshops
  • Facilitate experiential workforce readiness programs to build employability skills
  • Aid youth in developing professional resumes and interview skills
  • Empower youth through life skill development
  • Co-author grants to support funding needs
  • Assess and evaluate programs and practices
  • Develop and deliver research-based new programs

Our Guarantee: At smartEDGE, we guarantee to keep you thinking. If you are not happy, satisfied, and feel ready to apply what you have learned, we will make it right: free consulting, free coaching, or a free workshop. We promise to provide a solution that works for you.

How We Do It

smartEDGE research focus areas include leadership, resilience, healthy relationships, social-emotional learning, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. Using this research, we develop interactive workshops and programs for youth audiences. Additionally, we combine internally developed trainings, open-source materials, and national best practice models that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any group.



Identify strengths, goals, and needs



Customize the learning experience to meet goals and needs



Collaborative review to discuss any changes and approve the plan



Combine personalized materials with interactive, engaging strategies



Deliver the evaluation results and we have a final debrief

A service provided by Clemson University Youth Learning Institute.

Phone: 864.878.1103


Clemson University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or genetic information.

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